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PostHeaderIcon 6 July 2006 THE AUCTION

Thank you to everyone who donated or worked so hard to get donations (you know who you are you four!) for the BIMMIE. We raised over £3200 on the night and we would love to get that figure to £4000.00

What we are going to do is list all the items we have to Auction – where we have had a reserve Price or an actual offer we have put this next to the item. All other items will be left blank until we receive an offer.

If we don’t reach the reserve prices, we will try the item on e-bay. The object is to try to get as much cash as possible for the two Cancer Charities.

We will leave the Auction on for three (3) weeks from Saturday the 8th July to Saturday 29th July at 9pm and update the item with the latest bid as it comes in – or soon after.

You can bid either by calling 07914 932 995 or by e-mailing

Please don’t bid through the Forum.

We will update the latest bids daily. The best bid received before the closing date and time will be notified by phone or e-mail, and asked to pay for the goods (plus P&P) and on receipt of the funds the goods will be despatched to the winning bidder.

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 1. 1960’s Framed Classic Photograph of The Who 18”x18”This is a classic print of the WHO, beautifully mounted and a must for WHO fansOffer/Reserve £50 as at 7/7/06 Sold – Thank you MS

2. Signed Christian Klien- Red Bull framed photo 6″x 8″

FormulaOne rising star personalised photo

Offer Reserve £20 as at 7/7/06


3. SignedChristian Klien-in racing car framed photo 4″x 6″

Formula One rising star signed photo

Offer/Reserve £20 as at 7/7/06

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 4.Signed David Coulthard framed photo 6″x 8″

Most of our David Coulthard stock was snapped up at the BIMMIE.

We only have this one item left. Offer/ Reserve £20 as at 7/7/06

Sold Thank you SN
Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 5.Signed Christian Klien framed photo 6″x 8″

Formula One star Christian Klien has signed this photo – just for you!


offer/ reserve £20 as at 7/7/06

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 6. Signed Justin Wilson framed photo 6″x 8″

Another friend of BIM from Formula 1 – signed and beautifully mounted


Offer / Reserve £20 as at 7/7/06

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 7. TWO Signed Mark Webber framed photo 6″x 8″

One of TWO signed photos kindly donated to help us raise money


for our charities


If you miss this one – there is always the other


Offer/reserve £20 as at 7/7/07


8. Signed Mark Webber framed photo 6″x 8″


Offer / reserve £20 as at 6/7/06


Photo – As above

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 9. Signed Bolton Wanderers Pennant One of the first gifts we received from our Bolton brothers – the Wanderersthis pennant is worth every penny of the reserve price.Offer/Reserve £25 as at 22/7/06 


Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 10.Miniature Cricket Bat signed by the England Cricket Hero

A wonderful gift for one of the Barmy Army or great decoration for


the pub! Signed by Freddie – This has got to go for more than the reserve!


Offer / Reserve £50 as at 7/7/06

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 11. Crash helmet painted in Day-Glo of ‘Eddie’ by Glen Wallbridge This was a gift from one of the (other) Iron Maiden fans – Tony was very happy to give his “lid” to help our worthy cause and we made a new friend into the bargain. This has got to be seen to be believed – especially at night with headlamps on it!Offer/ reserve – £10 as at 28/7/06
Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 12. Signed Wayne Rooney signed framed photo with 4 individual film cells

This is in a beautifully presented special frame from Manchester United. This donation of MU photo’s from our roadie Terry W has done BIM proud!


Updated Offer £41 as at 22/7/06



Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 13. Signed Rio Ferdinand signed framed photo with 4 individual film cells.This is in a beautifully presented special frame by Manchester United. Offer / Reserve £30 as at 7/7/06
Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 14. Signed Roy Keene signed framed photo with 4 individual film cells.

This is in a beautifully presented special frame by Manchester United.


Special collectors item – as Roy has now departed from United – these are going to become rare!


Offer / Reserve £35 as at 22/7/06

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 15. Signed Bolton Wanderers Football in presentation box

The Bolton Reebok boys have done us proud, via Beaks neice Rachel, with a beautifully presented fully signed football. My grandson had a great time kicking this around in the street (…no …I’m only kidding) its pristine.


Offer / Reserve £150 as at 28/7/06



Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 16. Once in a lifetime Offer from Rod Stewart to the highest bidder a personalised CD/DVD and Football

This is a rare opportunity for someone to have a personal gift from the great man himself. You win the bid – send us your details – we pass this on to Rod and he will do the rest – needless to say we MUST have the money before the items are personalised.

RESERVE of £250 as at 7/7/06

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 17 Signed Amir Khan Boxing Glove. Bolton loyalty wins through again! The pride of the boxing world Amir and manager Assif have kindly given the BIM this specially signed glove for our auction – our Kathy Jones (nee O’Neill) can be seen modelling the glove inthe Bimmie PhotosBolton connections are really coming through – by the way – Amir’s going to give you a right bashing for not turning up at the BIMMIE Kay! (That’s Vernon and Peter!)

Reserve £250 as at 7/7/06



Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 18. Signed Amir Kahn Poster for the 8th July Fight at CardiffNot content with one donation, Amir has also donated this “One Off”signed poster for Saturdays fight – get it while it’s hot!

Offer/Reserve £21 as at 22/7/06

Nicko_McBrain_drumsticks 19. Nicko (boomer) McBrain matched Drumsticks (unsigned) model Shaw X in sleeve.

Those Iron Maiden boys have come through again. This was one of the many Iron Maiden items we received from the London IM chaps – but we simply ran out of time at the BIMMIE to sell them all. These are beautifully crafted sticks as used by Nicko – but not signed.


Offers / Reserve £11 as at 21/7/06



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Bolton Iron Maiden

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