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Puppet Master – the Rise and Rise of Slick Dandy
The album continues the story of the Time Traveller, from the song Maiden Flight. The story tells of what became of the Time Traveller and his faithful mute friend – Bimmie – which is the time machine itself. The Time Traveller can now travel not only through space and time – but to other parallel dimensions. He makes it his mission to help others who have not achieved the success they always wanted, and shows them the comparison in another dimension where they have achieved every goal they dreamed of but, at a cost of course………….

It’s another little piece of history –

01. Gone Are The Days 01. Gone Are The Days 1.5 MB
02. Time Traveller 02. Time Traveller 0.9 MB
03. Getting Nowhere 03. Getting Nowhere 1.1 MB
04. MLF – Come and work for me Kid 04. MLF – Come and work for me Kid 1 MB
05. Life Is A Circus 05. Life Is A Circus 1.8 MB
06. Old Sad Clown 06. Old Sad Clown 1.2 MB
07. Menamong Man 07. Menamong Man 1 MB
08. Help Me Forgive 08. Help Me Forgive 1.6 MB
09. Who Pulls The Strings 09. Who Pulls The Strings 1.2 MB
10. Master of Time 10. Master of Time 1 MB
11. Sign Right Here 11. Sign Right Here 0.9 MB
12. Slick Dandy 12. Slick Dandy 1.4 MB
13. Rock N Roll Star 13. Rock N Roll Star 1.5 MB
14. Puppet Master Theme 14. Puppet Master Theme 1.2 MB


Maiden Flight
The Album features original songs written by the band between 1971 and 1976. There were only 4 studio tracks ever recorded (the first 4 tracks on the album), but long time fan SAG and his trusty Alba cassette player saved the rest of the songs for posterity! We also were fortunate that roadie Paul Hampson also made a recording of an early gig at Kendal Rugby club – and saved two lost tracks.So 8 of the 12 tracks are live – recorded unbelievably on the tiny cassette recorder – but one magic feature – an early compressor/limiter allowed the recordings to be saved and enhanced by Paul and SRT Recording Studios in Cambridgeshire. Well worth a listen if your a true Maiden fan – and want to know what the band who used the name first sounded like!

01. Cracked Path 01. Cracked Path 0.9 MB
02. Crawl Crawl Nighttime 02. Crawl Crawl Nighttime 0.9 MB
03. Cell Debris 03. Cell Debris 1 MB
04. Red Sky 04. Red Sky 0.8 MB
05. A Place of my own 05. A Place of my own 0.9 MB
06. Exchange Is No Robbery 06. Exchange Is No Robbery 1.1 MB
07. I’m To Blame 07. I’m To Blame 1 MB
08. Life Span 08. Life Span 0.8 MB
09. Windwiper Freeway 09. Windwiper Freeway 0.7 MB
10. The Naughtiest Girl Is Alive and Well 10. The Naughtiest Girl Is Alive and Well 1 MB
11. Maiden Flight 11. Maiden Flight 1.3 MB


Bolton Flies Again
This album was unexpectedly born (like so many unexpected children – turned out to be great!). Following the unexpected sucess of Maiden Flight (mainly due to the kindness of “the” Iron Maiden and Rod, old (and new) fans asked if we had recordings of some of the cover versions we played – and yes – we did! Again thanks to SAG and Paul Hampson. All the tracks were donated by the writers and artists for free – because of the fact all proceeds were to be given to Cancer Research and MacMilian Nurses Cancer Care. So of course a BIG thank you to all those kind stars! (check out who they were on the cover of the album)
There is a saying in the business that is ‘Show’ that the bigger they are the nicer they are – well………it’s TRUE.

01. Do You Ever Think 01. Do You Ever Think 0.7 MB
02. Black Cloud 02. Black Cloud 0.9 MB
03. Aint ya Commin Home Babe 03. Aint ya Commin Home Babe 0.6 MB
04. Cherry Red 04. Cherry Red 0.8 MB
05. All Right Now 05. All Right Now 0.7 MB
06. Fresh Garbage 06. Fresh Garbage 1 MB
07. Mississippi Queen 07. Mississippi Queen 0.7 MB
08. Thunderbuck Ram 08. Thunderbuck Ram 0.9 MB
09. Roll Over Beethoven 09. Roll Over Beethoven 0.7 MB
10. Summertime Blues 10. Summertime Blues 0.8 MB
11. Born To Be Wild 11. Born To Be Wild 0.7 MB

Bolton Iron Maiden

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