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PostHeaderIcon 20 June 2008 – Back on Line! – Dylan’s nice shot of the Band and Mates!

Sorry we have not been updating the news recently, but with Paul being in hospital, Sue not 100% , it’s not been the best time to report anything.

IM_and_Friends_at_Moss_Bank_ParkHowever – its all about Beak! and here’s a great, relaxed photo of us all – Taken by ace roadie Dylan Wood – (Paul is at very back with dark glasses) Sue has a leg in the air!)

Sag -Beak-Hammo-Terry-Paul-Sue’s leg-Derek-Jeff Stafford-Kath Woodhams

Whats going on? Sales are steady and money is still being raised for the two Charities but now more than ever from sale of Downloads! (Paul really hasn’t got a clue) Online store CD Babydo a fantastic job for our sales, as does iTunes, and the rest.

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Bolton Iron Maiden

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