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PostHeaderIcon Iron Maiden Fan donates prize “Lid” to Auction


Iron Maiden fan Tony Field heard about the BIM website and got a surprise as he read the HISTORY section. He too had suffered the fear of testicular cancer and was treated at Christies hospital – just 10 years after Beak, but thankfully it was a false alarm. Tony felt complelled to contact Paul and offer – for the charity auction – an amazing “lid” (as Tony calls it). It is a ‘dayglo’ painting of Eddie in all his gory glory painted by Glenn Walbridge. It is a spectacular sight picked out at night by headlights.

Tony has supplied a written provenance for the lid, and added other photo’s of Glenn’s work

Paul and Sue spent a very pleasant afternoon at their beautiful home in rural Cambridgeshire, and felt they had made new friends before rushing home to watch the footie – England v Paraguay – “Come On England!!”

Last Updated (June 10, 2013)


Bolton Iron Maiden

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