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PostHeaderIcon 18 February 2009 – Congratulations to Iron Maiden from BIM

Iron Maiden, having toured, rocked and rolled all over the world for 33 years have been awarded the BRIT for best live band.

The Bolton Iron Maiden (nearly 40 years since their first gig) would like to congratulate the guys on their well deserved Award. Up the Irons from the “any old Irons”!

Last Updated (May 31, 2013)


PostHeaderIcon 16 March 09 – Amazing – maybe new BIM song?????

Noel Pemberton-Billing – the second bassist with the Bolton Iron Maiden has written a new song – featuring ex. Hawkwind guitarist Hugh Lloyd Langdon. Watch this space – comming soon!

Last Updated (May 31, 2013)


PostHeaderIcon Totally Swept Away released in February

Finally – the long awaited album – Totally Swept Away will be released by Perfect Pitch in February.

The origianl album – “Hearts of Oak” was written over 20 years ago – after the demise of Iron Maiden – It features songs with a “sea” theme – which obvously led to it being given a “Folk Rock” genre. Paul – quite happy with this, has re-vamped and in some cases re-written some of the material, added a new song “Pirates” inspired by the Johnny Depp “Pirate” films.

It features many local folk hero’s playing a variaty of insruments which were beyond Pauls capability (Melodian, Mandolin and lead guitar solo’s) including Godfrey Williams, Mark Tivey, and rock players Colin Medlock, Rob Harris, Lenny Davidson and Jeff and Shelia Taylor. Again – the family is involved with Rachael and Victoria on Vocals, violin, recorders and this time with son Matt O’Neill on percussion. Sue does a bit of singing takes all of the photographs! Even Grandson George gets a credit on the track Submarine.

The Ablum will be available from Paul’s Website in CD and Downoad format, and the usual CD Baby, I-tunes and Napster outlets – and we may add a link from the BIM site too.

Last Updated (May 31, 2013)


PostHeaderIcon Totally Swept Aside!!!

cover1 Oh Dear – more problems – now there is a problem with the layout of the adobe booklet – and it just refuses to print. We have some of the best brains in our house working on it, so obviouly nothing is going to happen, so I’ve asked some proper brains at the printers…they are still strugling????Any one good with prayers?Paul

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PostHeaderIcon A “Mini BIMMIE” Saturday 13 November 2010

Good news – we are having a “mini BIMMIE” (Bolton Iron Maiden Major Imbibing Event) on Saturday 13 November at Ye Olde Man and Sythe in Churchgate Bolton.

This is a bit of a special event -a get together in memory of the lovely Lesley Green who sadly passed away this year. Beany, Sag, Paul &Sue, Derek, Dylan and Paul H will be coming (It’s a bit far for Terry and Hazel to come from Dubai for a couple of pints), and all are welcome. We are hoping Dylan will bring his guitar and add to the festivities.

Paul and Sue will get to the pub around 4pm and look forward to seeing as many pals as possible. But…remember – we are all getting old and may not recognise all the faces or names – so don’t be shy – come in with a badge!

Last Updated (May 31, 2013)


Bolton Iron Maiden

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