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PostHeaderIcon 25 Aug 07 -Iron Maiden Back New CD!

Iron Maiden’s unite again!

Rod Smallwood and the guys have come through again for The Bolton Iron Maiden.

A new news item on their website has generated thousands of hits to our site – and we hope lots of sales for BOULTON FLIES AGAIN AND MAIDEN FLIGHT. Our thanks and good wishes to the Iron Men!

If you have ordered a CD in the last few days, sorry but we are on holiday and will post them to you on Thursday 30th August -will write more next week

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PostHeaderIcon 3 December 2007 – DVD of The BIMMIE

Beannie and Sag both took videos of the BIMMIE. Both guys have been having a hard year one way or the other, but have sent Paul and Sue copies of the footage.

It was amazing to see – Paul has suggested trying to edit the two together and will have a word with the local film company – Channel 7 films – who editied the 1970’s films on to DVD for the BIMMIE.

If anyone would be interested in a copy – email us on . Perhaps a donation for the Cancer Charities would be appropriate? Any suggestions welcome.

We’ll keep you informed and wish you all a very Happy Christmas

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PostHeaderIcon 20 June 2008 – Back on Line! – Dylan’s nice shot of the Band and Mates!

Sorry we have not been updating the news recently, but with Paul being in hospital, Sue not 100% , it’s not been the best time to report anything.

IM_and_Friends_at_Moss_Bank_ParkHowever – its all about Beak! and here’s a great, relaxed photo of us all – Taken by ace roadie Dylan Wood – (Paul is at very back with dark glasses) Sue has a leg in the air!)

Sag -Beak-Hammo-Terry-Paul-Sue’s leg-Derek-Jeff Stafford-Kath Woodhams

Whats going on? Sales are steady and money is still being raised for the two Charities but now more than ever from sale of Downloads! (Paul really hasn’t got a clue) Online store CD Babydo a fantastic job for our sales, as does iTunes, and the rest.

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PostHeaderIcon 27 September 2008 Rock Of Ages

Great new article appeared onthe Web site Rock of Ages. A big thanks to Bill Lesley who did the piece. Hope it generates a few more sales for us. Nik has added a link to the site from our Links page – check it out

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PostHeaderIcon 15/1/09 Noel rang with news! Anyone remember “TEENAGERS IN LOVE”?

Noel Pembertn Billing rang this morning – he has found the acetate of the Teenagers single “Teenagers In Love” c/w “20 Flight Rock”

Noel (the guy who replaced Derek, and co-wrote half of the original material for the Bolton Iron Maiden) has just discovered, among his dirty undies, a copy of the Teenagers single “Teenagers In Love”.

Always loking to raise money for the two charities! If anyone would like a CD copy, give us a couple of quid (via the ‘Contact’ link above) and I’ll send you one.

For those who do not know, Teenagers was a Derek idea – “…lets create from Iron Maiden, a 50’s pastesh band and see what happens!” Strangely, Derek left soon afterwards and the regular Teenagers bassist was Noel (Pemberton-Billing) who was the bassist on the single -  I know a lot of you out there like all this detail!!!

This idea followed hot on the heels of the one gig folk band “Horsemuckballs” – another Derek idea “….lets create a folk band out of Iron Maiden…and do all sorts of quirky folk tunes – like the Fairports!”

To be fair to Derek….he must have had his finger on the pulse of what was going down musically at the time…because there was a massive Folk revival, and 50’s music really came back to the fore with bands like Showaddywaddy, Jets, Darts, Crazy Cavan, Shakin Stevens etc….

We employed a singer – Paul Guffogg (now Paul Neon) who blew us away at the audition – EXACTLY like Elvis in looks and voice – great hair – great look – but ….didn’t say very much – an introvert off and an extrovert on stage. We also employed a pianist – Alan Wickham – another quiet gentle soul

We had a great time touring the band, which at one point out gunned Iron Maiden for popularity, but with two totally different audiences. Neither audience know the ohter “alter ego” band existed.

The band adopted Rock N’ Roll names too – which were etched on the back of the drapes….

Ian Boluton Smith was “Rockin Roy Ripchord”

Noel P Billing was “Steve Bond”

Alan Wickam was “Al ‘Fingers’ Diamond”

Paul TJ O’Neill was “Mick Fast”

Paul Guffogg became “Paul Gee”

The roadies for the band were Paul Hampson and Dave Knight

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Bolton Iron Maiden

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