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PostHeaderIcon 6 May 2007 – A New CD – Boulton Flys Again! Release date 23 June 2007

Yes folks – we have managed to do another one!

The songs this time are cover versions of songs the Bolton Iron Maiden used to do to supplement their own repertoire.

The title will be – “Boulton Fly’s Again” Why? Well we will tell you
Paul had loads of brilliant suggestions for titles for this CD – but when we all thought about it – what was this all about?
It was about Beak – and preserving his talent on disc.
Boulton was Beaks middle name (his Mums Maiden Name) – and Beak was the only son to carry the name on – so we are helping to do that!
Fly’s again – Beak loved the stories of Biggles and always had a dream to fly an aeroplane. Sadly this never happend so Beak fly’s in his music -and the title also links the the “Flight” of “Maiden Flight” the first album.

Throughout the past 12 months, Paul has carefully gone through Sag and Paul Hampsons Tapes and managed to pull out some fairly decent recordings and three that are far from decent – but they are important representations of what Maiden were all about. All three were played at the Fag Club in Wigan – Sadly Sag set the little cassette recorder miles down the hall – so there is a lot of howling and crowd noise.

Paul used STR studio’s again in St.Ives, where Engineer Simon
managed to reduce some on the background noise – he has overdubbed the vocals and two bass lines that were lost – and according to Derek – they are better that he imagined. They are in fact still very poor recordings but as we say – important in the
history of the development of the band.

The CD is due for release on the 23rd June – Again – the anniversary of Beaks passing. Cover versions may not be your cup of tea – but the proceeds will again be given to our two Cancer Charities – Cancer Research and Macmillian Nurses Cancer Releif. The cost will be around six quid – so dig deep and support us again please.

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