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PostHeaderIcon 5/5/2006 THE RE-UNION GIG

Yes – it’s true – the old gits are going to play again on the 23 June 2006 – Beak’s 30th Anniversary at the Soundhouse in Ash Street Bolton

Sue Matthew Rachael and Victoria will be there too!


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PostHeaderIcon 1/4/2006 THE MINI BIMMIE

Take a look here at the first BIMMIE – it’s all abour the ale!


What a weekend Sue and Paul had ! Apart from Sue having to run up and down to the car park to bring everything Paul forgot – I think she enjoyed the afternoon, and meeting up with her really posh friend Kathy O’Neill


Thank you to everyone who turned up – Great to see my old mate Dylan again – though we had trouble recognising him through, what is to us, a new beard! Dylan had us all singing songs we haven’t heard for 30 years! He bought a lot of cider then pretended it was for Heather!
Beanie was in fine form and will prove to be a great help with many things (and probably will shift gear as well!)



Marie is pushing the BEN and pushing posters too – thanks
Marie. Sag Filmed EVERYTHING and then put it on a DVD, so all these bits of our history are being recorded – including Derek buying his new axe. Iron_Maiden_w-end_31.3.06-2.04.06_060
Sag then presented Paul with more memorbilia for the BIM archive – the Cine Camera he took all the films with and a pair of (clean) shorts he used to dance with TBIM.
The wonderful Kathy O’Neill and best pal Christine put us up on Friday night and took Sue and Paul around to various gigs on Friday – Iron_Maiden_w-end_31.3.06-2.04.06_070and yes folks The BIM are going to play again!
Kathy and Chris have gone to a whole lot of trouble for the band and for the Charities and we are really greatful to them both. Dave (Drum Solo ) Riley came along – took posters to distribute and bought two CD’s into the bargin – Brilliant.
Paul then presented Derek and Dylan with a special pack of CD’s of all Sags Tapes…but forgot to bring Dylans set – well there is always the Major BIMMIE comming up! Sorry Dylan.
The Big news for the band was Derek – He was in his old brilliant form and made everything special by actually buying a new Bass – Sag caught it all on film – we then proceeded to drink too much and started singing the Mid 8 of Crawl Crawl Night-Time – it’s like we have never been apart. Probably sounded crap – but after two pints of Man and Scythe cider – sounded good to me. Only Paul Hampson missing (who was in bed with a bad back) – get well soon Paul, and our Terry Willis…Well The week before Terry came to visit from Dubai -we struggle to get to Bolton and he travels half way round the globe for a mini BIMMIE. Terry is just the same and sends his regards and love to everyone. He helpd put a lot of ideas for the gig together and also checke d out a couple of guitar players with me. No doubt he will be posting News on here soon. Terry will be at the 23rd June gig – so we can all catch up.Noel has rang and will try to make the gig. We are hoping he may get up to do a couple of numbers. X-Records on Higher Bridge street have taken a further 25 CD’s and paid us for the sales so far. They have been brilliant for us. Iron_Maiden_w-end_31.3.06-2.04.06_043Thank Cheers Andy and Steve.
Sue and I then stayed with Sues Siter and brother in law Steve – who has agreed to be our Auctioneer at the BIMMIE Yippee!
Thanks again to everyone for making it such a great weekend.

See also bit about new guitarist Dan Collins in the Gig section

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Dan’s musical career began way back as a eleven-year-old. With a nylon-strung acoustic and basic teaching book he began to learn 5 basic songs, this was the number of songs set by his parents to prove how serious he was before they would even consider buying him a electric guitar! Determined and focussed it was not long before the goal of owning an electric guitar was achieved.

Under the newly found teachings of Rob Harris (a highly respected guitar player/teacher) Dan’s playing quickly evolved by imitating some of the best: Acts such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton etc. He studied many other forms of music, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Folk and the myriad of new music created as a result of these styles colliding. Dan started teaching the guitar himself from the age of 17, and now is a well known player and teacher around the Cambridgeshire area.



Live performances:


At 14 his first performance was a musical “Kids from Nowhere” to raise money for charity, and by 17 he was playing 3 nights a week for rock band “Uncle Joe”, this led on to him playing in many other cambridgeshire bands, varying in both size and musical style. Turning pro at 18, he later begun to work internationally, playing in Germany, Cyprus, Spain and for his 20th birthday flew to New York in order to further his musical experiences and was lucky enough to play along side members of NPG “the backbone of many a Prince record”

Uk playing has seen him share the stage with, Tonic, Groove Armada, Ezio, Manuka and many more. Now at the age of 27, Dan continues to write, produce and perform for a few UK and US artists, and with his gained experience and knowledge of guitar equipment, he has recently started to review for the “Guitar Buyer” magazine.

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PostHeaderIcon 6/5/2006 The Bench and Tom Dagnall

Today Paul and Sue drove up north and took the bench for Christies Hospital to be carved by renown sculptor Tom Dagnall


Paul and Sue first met with friends Gill and Paul Hampson (ex BIM Roadie)  
who took them to his friend - the renowned sculptor Tom Dagnall(pictured left)
Tom has offered to carve the five note phrase to "Crawl,Crawl Night-time"
in the back of the bench bought especially to give to Christies hospitalin Beak's memory.
Tom was amazing and showed Paul and Sue the many exhibits in his garden
Here are a few :
Tom with the Exhibit he is currently carving for the
Ribble Way,and the back of the BIM Bench 
Sue with Paul Hampson and Tom and bloody big Crow
TBIM are very grateful to Tom. We will post the finished product 
in "News"

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PostHeaderIcon 9/5/2006 TICKETS FOR THE GIG

Who would have believed it! Tickets now on sale from The Albert Halls for the Bolton Iron Maiden Re-union gig



Paul and Sue popped in to see Trevor Crook at the Alma to discuss the gig and hand over some flyers.


Tuesday 9th May – Sue Wilkinson from the Bolton Albert Halls forwards the first 50 tickets – these are for the Cambridgeshire friends and reletaives – Tickets are now on sale from Bolton Town Hall, the Alma or Booths Music.


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