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PostHeaderIcon 27 September 2008 Rock Of Ages

Great new article appeared onthe Web site Rock of Ages. A big thanks to Bill Lesley who did the piece. Hope it generates a few more sales for us. Nik has added a link to the site from our Links page – check it out

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PostHeaderIcon 15/1/09 Noel rang with news! Anyone remember “TEENAGERS IN LOVE”?

Noel Pembertn Billing rang this morning – he has found the acetate of the Teenagers single “Teenagers In Love” c/w “20 Flight Rock”

Noel (the guy who replaced Derek, and co-wrote half of the original material for the Bolton Iron Maiden) has just discovered, among his dirty undies, a copy of the Teenagers single “Teenagers In Love”.

Always loking to raise money for the two charities! If anyone would like a CD copy, give us a couple of quid (via the ‘Contact’ link above) and I’ll send you one.

For those who do not know, Teenagers was a Derek idea – “…lets create from Iron Maiden, a 50’s pastesh band and see what happens!” Strangely, Derek left soon afterwards and the regular Teenagers bassist was Noel (Pemberton-Billing) who was the bassist on the single -  I know a lot of you out there like all this detail!!!

This idea followed hot on the heels of the one gig folk band “Horsemuckballs” – another Derek idea “….lets create a folk band out of Iron Maiden…and do all sorts of quirky folk tunes – like the Fairports!”

To be fair to Derek….he must have had his finger on the pulse of what was going down musically at the time…because there was a massive Folk revival, and 50’s music really came back to the fore with bands like Showaddywaddy, Jets, Darts, Crazy Cavan, Shakin Stevens etc….

We employed a singer – Paul Guffogg (now Paul Neon) who blew us away at the audition – EXACTLY like Elvis in looks and voice – great hair – great look – but ….didn’t say very much – an introvert off and an extrovert on stage. We also employed a pianist – Alan Wickham – another quiet gentle soul

We had a great time touring the band, which at one point out gunned Iron Maiden for popularity, but with two totally different audiences. Neither audience know the ohter “alter ego” band existed.

The band adopted Rock N’ Roll names too – which were etched on the back of the drapes….

Ian Boluton Smith was “Rockin Roy Ripchord”

Noel P Billing was “Steve Bond”

Alan Wickam was “Al ‘Fingers’ Diamond”

Paul TJ O’Neill was “Mick Fast”

Paul Guffogg became “Paul Gee”

The roadies for the band were Paul Hampson and Dave Knight

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PostHeaderIcon 18 February 2009 – Congratulations to Iron Maiden from BIM

Iron Maiden, having toured, rocked and rolled all over the world for 33 years have been awarded the BRIT for best live band.

The Bolton Iron Maiden (nearly 40 years since their first gig) would like to congratulate the guys on their well deserved Award. Up the Irons from the “any old Irons”!

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PostHeaderIcon 16 March 09 – Amazing – maybe new BIM song?????

Noel Pemberton-Billing – the second bassist with the Bolton Iron Maiden has written a new song – featuring ex. Hawkwind guitarist Hugh Lloyd Langdon. Watch this space – comming soon!

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PostHeaderIcon Totally Swept Away released in February

Finally – the long awaited album – Totally Swept Away will be released by Perfect Pitch in February.

The origianl album – “Hearts of Oak” was written over 20 years ago – after the demise of Iron Maiden – It features songs with a “sea” theme – which obvously led to it being given a “Folk Rock” genre. Paul – quite happy with this, has re-vamped and in some cases re-written some of the material, added a new song “Pirates” inspired by the Johnny Depp “Pirate” films.

It features many local folk hero’s playing a variaty of insruments which were beyond Pauls capability (Melodian, Mandolin and lead guitar solo’s) including Godfrey Williams, Mark Tivey, and rock players Colin Medlock, Rob Harris, Lenny Davidson and Jeff and Shelia Taylor. Again – the family is involved with Rachael and Victoria on Vocals, violin, recorders and this time with son Matt O’Neill on percussion. Sue does a bit of singing takes all of the photographs! Even Grandson George gets a credit on the track Submarine.

The Ablum will be available from Paul’s Website in CD and Downoad format, and the usual CD Baby, I-tunes and Napster outlets – and we may add a link from the BIM site too.

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Bolton Iron Maiden

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