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PostHeaderIcon 12/5/2006 THE FIRST REHERSAL IN OVER 32 YEARS!


Derek_arrives,Dereks_waistcoat&1st_Rehearsal_12&13.5.06_011 Derek_arrives,Dereks_waistcoat&1st_Rehearsal_12&13.5.06_002

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PostHeaderIcon 28/5/2006 THE BIM TEE SHIRTS

We forgot to add a piccy of the front and back of the tee shirt designed by Sue.

Please order by 1st June for the special price of £7.00 plus £1p&p


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PostHeaderIcon The Ambulance

Just received this picture of the Ambulance from Dylan – we had a few memorable times in there!


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PostHeaderIcon The Music Bench

Hi Everybody

Renown sculptor Thompson Dagnall has kindly offered to carve the Bench for Christies Hospital with music written by Beak.

The presentation of the bench will be at Chrities Hospital on Thursday 22nd June 2006 at 3.30pm. Jean and Brenda – Ian’s sisters will be there, Derek Austin and Paul and Sue O’Neill and also the sculptor Thompson Dagnall – Hope you will be able to attend. All Welcome.

The results are beautiful and are here…….

The_Bench2 The_bench

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PostHeaderIcon Iron Maiden Fan donates prize “Lid” to Auction


Iron Maiden fan Tony Field heard about the BIM website and got a surprise as he read the HISTORY section. He too had suffered the fear of testicular cancer and was treated at Christies hospital – just 10 years after Beak, but thankfully it was a false alarm. Tony felt complelled to contact Paul and offer – for the charity auction – an amazing “lid” (as Tony calls it). It is a ‘dayglo’ painting of Eddie in all his gory glory painted by Glenn Walbridge. It is a spectacular sight picked out at night by headlights.

Tony has supplied a written provenance for the lid, and added other photo’s of Glenn’s work

Paul and Sue spent a very pleasant afternoon at their beautiful home in rural Cambridgeshire, and felt they had made new friends before rushing home to watch the footie – England v Paraguay – “Come On England!!”

Last Updated (June 10, 2013)

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Bolton Iron Maiden

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